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Our Reserve Engineering solution is very specialized and effective.
Unlike Reverse Engineering in industrial field, Reverse Engineering in sculpture always focus on copied the beauty of a work of craft, while the contours shaping always interspersed with material defects, working trace.
To sort and edit exactly the beauty or bad elements require staff with knowledge in sculpture. Capable of grasping the artistic, shape styles, types of materials, working tools of the scupltor.



Equipment and software is secondary, staffs with expert knowledge was the key in this field.


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Reserve Engineering

3D Scanning

Scan 3D with no physical touch the object, full color, no restrictions on the size or complexity shape (When scan in full color, scans alignment and inspection form is much easier).


After 3D scans alignment, we sort it to repair the bad details, recreate the beautiful contours based on author intentions (Although glance look form will slightly different).

Optimize geometry

Data will be optimized geometry, removing all traces abnormal, mesh become smooth but still accurate (This ensures faster processing, machine no vibration, difficult to broken knife in CNC).

Coordinate Processing

VR3D's Reserve Engineering also based on types and quality of objects. Strategic processing, materials, tools will be used to provide the most relevant design standards.


Our Reverse Engineering combines both art of sculpture and techniques of modern CNC.
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